All materials are translated by professional translators who are native speakers of the target language and who have specific training in the field involved. In order to ensure that our translations are absolutely accurate, all translations are performed using a three-step process - translation, editing and proofreading - before being delivered to the client.

Clients can choose to have the translation geared for information only, for presentation purposes, or for publication. As source language documents often contain errors or ambiguities, clients are also given the option to have the translation emphasize accuracy, reflecting the errors or ambiguities in the source text, or readability, ignoring any such errors or ambiguities.

If in-house legal or compliance staff needs to review the final target text, a "back-translation" (the translation of the target text back into the original text by a native speaker of the original text language) can be provided at reduced rates.

Finally, a translation certificate geared to the needs of the client, whether for internal records or as proof before a court or government agency, can be supplied upon request.